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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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sfdz. >> you are looking live at picture of times square in new york city 2013 just moments away listen in and watch as away listen in and watch as they ring in the new [ yelling] 2013 has arrived. in the united states. and new york city. we are now just 3 hours away. ball that dropped is 12 neat diameter and weighs almost 12,000 pounds covered with 2600 water ford crystal triangle. couple sharing a kiss as we mark the new year. more than one ton of confetti is falling as we speak right now. 100 confetti engineers. there's mayor bloomberg in times square. 100 confetti
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engineers. there is a position to oversee it all. 1 million people in times square with over 1 billion watching throughout the world including you here on coffee tv 20 live on the news at 9. delighted to ring in the new year with you live. as i said it will be our turn soon. of course security no problems that we know of in times square thank goodness. but of course very tight there fpl. uniform plain clothes officers in huge numbers assigned to blend into the crowd. revellers celebrating new year's naive times square like this since 19 04. and you know something like 40,000 police officers on the new york city police force a.lot of cops that they can deploy. look at all those people. as you can see weather nice but cold. bundle up for it. no snow rain pre-siption precipitation 0so great time in new york city
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ringing in 2013. good evening. i'm dan. happy new year. as refusalers in times square ring in the new year as saw there live politicians in washington announced that a ball is not likely to drop on the average taxpayer. ball in the form of tax hammer. negotiators come tune agreement on the so-called fiscal cliff just in time before the new year begins. senate to vote on the deal tonight. democratic leaders including senator feinstein and boxer from california just left capitol hill within the past hour or so and vice president biden spoke just few minutes ago. listen. >> i feel in very, very good. i think we'll get a very good vote tonight but happy new year. i will see you all maybe tomorrow. >>reporter: it looks like they get it done just in the nick of time. what does the imagine include exactly. karen travers has the details.
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>> don't start popping the champagne yet but tonight a major step to avoid the fiscal cliff. after days of intense negotiations white house and senate republicans reached a deal and vice president biden went up to the capitol hill to sell it to senate democrats. >> happy new year. >>reporter: biden swooped in at the 11th hour to hammer out a way forward with mcconnell. the agreement would permanently extend the bush tax cuts for individuals making under 40 400,000 holding making under 4 50,000. raise the estate tax valued at more than 5 million dollars and extend unemployment benefits for 1 year for some two million people. and those automatic spending cuts go into effect in the new year postponed for two months. and paid for by other spending cuts. house could take up the deal tomorrow. taxpayers would have felt the impact of the fiscal cliff immediately. if the deal passes afternoon american family avoid tax increase of more than 3400
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dollars. . officials told that you say this is a compromise so we don't love it but it's the right thing to do for the economy. karen travers abc news washington. >> wreaths talk about the weather on the new year's eve. it's pretty chilly tonight. already is pretty chilly outside. already people are streaming in large numbers into the streets of san francisco ready for the fireworks display but it looks fairly clear. let's go now to expense we are our accu-weather forecast. not a bad night at all. >> not bad. getting clearer as we talk. here's live doppler 7 hd. moisture rushed the planes coast line earlier that dropped south ward now moving away from the bay area. skies getting clearer which means good visibility good viewing for the fireworks display later tonight. these are 8:00 p.m. temperature readings. don't have the 9:00 p.m. readings in just yet but already temperatures dropping into the 30's up at napa fairfield down to 40 degrees already at santa rosa. 40 at livermore colder in these locations now so it's
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going to be a cold night and even colder overnight period let's look at conditions we expect at midnight when we have the fireworks display hear off the embarcadero san francisco mainly clear. it will be chilly. temperatures in the low 40's here in san francisco even lower outside the city but great viewing conditions for the fireworks that will ring out 2012 and ring in 2013. i'll have the accu-weather 7 day forecast a little later. >> excellent happy new year to you spencer. >> all right. san francisco city officials are expecting about quarter million people to gather by midnight for big fireworks show in the city. here's live picture from the embarcadero see people are streaming in. it has been getting busier in the last hour right now there are no plans to close off any streets where people will be gathering. they try to keep traffic flowing but police are prepared with traffic barrier just in case the fences everywhere. >> commanders will evaluate that situation as the night unfolds and if it becomes necessary then we will make some street closure but we want to accommodate traffic as best as possible. >>reporter: and just like new
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york of course extra police officers will be patrolling the city tonight. they will be in and out very large numbers to keep people safe and to help people get home safely without driving the cab company teamed up with bird injury lawyers offer free rides from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. for people heading home. all you have to do is mention bird injury lawyers when you get that a luxor cab. >> pay 100 percent of it up to 35 dollars. these are for rides within san francisco onl only. the idea is to pick up a customer at a bar or restaurant and then take them home. not to another bar. >>reporter: as for other transportation if you think about heading out muni free starting at 8:00 p.m. cal train free after 11:00 p.m. bart is not free but sentenced hours until 3:00 a.m. for list of all of the way to get around tonight go to abc 7 l well moving on now. tonight oakland police are looking for suspects in the
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city 131 murder. gunshots took the life of 15-year-old gabe jordan killed yesterday. she was walking with her sister and friends near the lyon creek crossing complex which is in east oakland. as nick smith explains, oakland police are going through surveillance video now and talking to to witnesses trying to get the people responsible. >> she's a good girl. sweet heart. >>reporter: 15-year-old the miss jordan shot and killed in east oakland yesterday. making her the 12th oakland teen to die as a result of gun violence this year. >> they say he just came out of nowhere and they said he was trying to shoot somebody else and she was there. >>reporter: victim's mother says her older sister and 2 other girls and her were walking through the lyon creek crossing housing complex on their way to bart. she says they were caught in the cross fire of shots being exchanged between 2 boys and before she could get out of the way at least one bullet struck her in
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the head. >> my daughter said she tried to grab her and she said gabe just went down. >>reporter: in this photo she's face down. 3 other women nearby. one 0to the right holding the child. the one to the left pushing stroller and using cell phone and while third woman older sister leans over who is motionless. >> video shot from apartment shows oakland police and emergency personnel minutes after she was gunned down. >> people walking down the street and shooting people and all that is ridiculous. bull flight my house. >>reporter: we spoke with the mom in september gun battle a block away sent a bullet through her apartment through the bedroom wall. three months later gun violence would find the girl. >> having to watch 12 young people get murdered this year is very, very disheartening discouraging and embarrassing to this city and to myself. >> today investigators are talking to witnesses and using surveillance video to piece together what happened and to
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find those responsible. chief jordan said that he and his department are committed to making this city safe for everyone including young peopl people. he also went on to mention that by tonight being new year's eve that celebration gunfire will not be tolerated. that crime suppression teams are working the neighborhood to make sure that everyone is safe. at police headquarters abc 7 news. >> there is a lot going on this this new year's eve. serious but treatable. new details on secretary of state hillary clinton and the blood clot. oakland raiders make very big changes. sports director larry biel explains what happened today now that the season is over. >> giraffe neck and neck attacking each other. what may behind this wild and intense fight. >> and first there was sexual chocolate. now the love hammer. >> appealing to with the love hammer. >> hopefully old women. >> up next. the new wizard of
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wine. we have that story. and look live at the bay bridge toll plaza. as thousands of people try to get into the city for the midnight fireworks show. bridge is moving along nicely but the toll plaza is backed up for those folk whose don't have fast track. ones with fast fast track. olook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> well there's happy couple kissing live in new york city in times square. the ball dropped about 13 minutes ago ringing in the new year 2013 in new york city. look at this. there's 1 million people in and around times square and billion more watching on television. always lots of fun. clear but cold in new york tonight. and so far no problems whatsoever just folks having a terrific time and we get our shot about 2 hours and 46 minutes from now it will be new year's here in the bay area. happy new year everybody. >> the year is ending on a freight engine note for the secretary of statement hillary clinton. new information tonight about that health scar scare. she is still in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. martha tonight on the details being released now by the state department.
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>>reporter: tonight normally globe trotting secretary of state is in a hospital room. monitored closely and being given blood thinner to break up the clot. family members including daughter chelsea have been at her side. the clot was discovered on mri on sunday. statement from her doctor tonight saying the scan revealed a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skul skull. behind the right ear. statement says the secretary did not sawv stroke or any neurological damage. but this is clearly a serious set back. . it was december 7th when the secretary was last seen in public. during an over seas diplomatic tour where she picked up a bad stomach virus. days later still ill the secretary fainted and got that nasty concussion. clinton has had a blood clot in the past. in 1998 behind her right knee after a year of heavy travel.
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this clot comes at the end of the most demanding period of her life. recently told barbara walters. >> are you exhausted. >> i am. >> to be honest i am because when i do something i really want to do it. i want to do it to the best of my ability that means i pretty much work all the time. >>reporter: what is unclear is whether she will be able to return to her full-time role at the state department before a new secretary of state is sworn in. clinton doctors say she will be release from the hospital once the proper medication dose is determined and she is making excellent progress and confident she will eventually make a full recover recovery. she is reported he he hadly in good spirits engage with her doctors, her family and her staff. martha, abc news, washington. him if if you gate bump on the head take it seriously. group of backpackers is safe after scary experience in the wilderness along the central coast. 5 men from the fresno area got lost after snow
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fall in the wilderness near big sur had. group set out on friday. monterey county search rescue team found them near this road area yesterday. searchers say the young hikers all about 20 years old were ill prepared for dealing with the cold and wet conditions. they just didn't have washington they needed. however glasay nos hurt. happy ending to the story. >> spencer is here tonight with the forecast. beautiful outside. just chilly. >> we have clouds earlier. scooted away. moved to the south and now getting colder. but great viewing conditions developing with fireworks display later. live view right now looking from our roof top. wait. from mountain tam. i was looking see we have several camera shots here in the studio i was looking at the wrong one. from mount tam at downtown san francisco now looking at the embarcadero from the roof camera. we can see people are beginning to gather there for the fireworks display. which
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is as dan said under 2 hours 45 minutes away now. here's live doppler 7 hd moisture brought us clouds earlier pushed south monterey bay. clearing conditions here in the bay area getting chilly. 37 at nap a.38 at livermore and low 40's in many other location so it is a cold new year's eve and new year's morning. clear chilly midnight new year on sunny note tomorrow. dry pattern now will continue right on into the weekend. in this cold snap we are having we have a freeze watch in effect for tomorrow tomorrow evening into wednesday morning with north bay valley mountains. low pressure drop into the mid upper 20's in that area over nature tomorrow nigh night. plants pets people at risk of exposed to the cold conditions. cold but not that cold tonight. low down to 30 at nap a.perhaps 29 fairfield. 31 at livermore and after midnight spare the air alert in
9:19 pm
effect for did he change air quality so don't burn wood or fire logs and contribute to the problem. >> weakening cold front pushing through the bay area right now. very weak system falls apart skies become clearer. center of low pressure will pass over us tonight during the next 12 to 24 hours creating the stormy weather for sows we have assign and cool new year's day tomorrow. just few thin high clouds around. let's move around the bay area from point to point see how pleasant it i is. sunny skies in the south bay tomorrow. high in the mid 50's. high of 54 at san jose and santa clara. camp pwechlt peninsula high pressure at 52 degrees. san mateo fwaechlt redwood city 55 at mountain view on the coast 50 at pacifica. 52 at half moon bay. moving up to san francisco in and around san francisco downtown 51 degrees tomorrow 50 in the sun set district. north bay high pressure 54 at novato 55 at santa rosa. 53 at sonoma and napa on the east bay we see
9:20 pm
high pressure up to about 54 degrees at oakland. castro valley. union city and fremon fremont. inland east bay will be a little bit cooler with high there mainly in the low 50's and downer monterey bay high in the mid 50's up to 57 salinas. 56 at watsonville 55 at santa cruz. accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we have a string of dry days coming our way. very, very cold though again overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning. and then few clouds in the sky on saturday. slight chance of showers on sunday. very slight. then drying out again on monday sought first week of 2013 is going to be essentially rain free. >> that's nice way to star. i like. that. >> thank you spencer very much. >> just ahead here. daredevil guerrilla giving nick a run for his money. look at him. >> cutting edge. i think they are doing things differently. they shake up the wine world. >> young businessman name for themselves in wine country. they are not afraid of bold
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labels. get the story as ne
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>> well on this new year's eve perhaps you will ring in the new year with some champagne or glass or 2 of fine wine. but for many picking what wine to drink doesn't always hinge on actually what is in the bottle but what is on the outside. tonight assignment 7 report abc 7 news reporter wayne has more on 2 local wine makers who are all about labels. >> winter in the napa valley. barren vine surrounded by a blaze of lingering autumn glor glory. time of year when they are the only segment of the wine industry allowed to be resting. these guys sure aren't. >> smell that. >>reporter: this is what happens after the harvest comes
9:25 pm
in. debate begins about what to do with it. for wine makers there's future blend somewhere inside hundreds if not thousands of small sample bottles. >> we have a general idea of what we want it to taste like and component to be. >>reporter: cabin expired. fruit forward. this their creative process for a wine they intend to call love hamme hammer. who are you appealing 0to with the love hammer. >> hopefully old women. >>reporter: boy have one hit on the rest may already. popular tasty red aimed at their own demographic. blend they named sexual chocolate. between marketing and taste it's caught the attention of some of napa more influential wine producers. guys like john wilkinson. >> they are cutting evenly. i think they are could go things differently. they are going to shake up the wine world. >>reporter: despite all the romantic notion this is not an easy business. just because somebody comes one a good wine there is no guarantee people
9:26 pm
will look at it or try it or buy it. buy it again. chances are they are going to need hel help. he hence this meeting 2 floors above downtown saint helena. you would know his wine labels. world renowned. what does a label really need to say. >> pick me up. >>reporter: anyone on any shelf in in any store an exercise in darwin. lack at the names. you would think actors have a hard time getting noticed. >> the label. >>reporter: what about the label. >> name of the wine. >>reporter: unique label of sexual chocolate one of the ropts dave elected to work with brandon and beau. >> this bottle originated with a boot legging open inflammation college. washington grape from all over california and recommend it be drank pedestrianly and shared with givrments want more just call us. p s made in usa. many. >>reporter: labeling has become so important that even
9:27 pm
before the guys finalize the taste of love hammer they are trying out marketing con says. what you see outside a bottle may or may not reflect the contents what are you selling with manikin. >> chardonnet? >>reporter: yet none of this marketing wisdom will be worth a dime if after the label says a wine the taste doesn't bring customers back. >> you don't want to sell one bottle. you want to sell cases of wine. >>reporter: with which for them means back to the bin and daunting trial and error. back to the lab building a wine that will live up to the love hammer name. >> you missed. i know. i kno know. sorry. >>reporter: it's all right as long as the wine hits the mark. in nap a-wayne, abc 7 news. >> good luck to them. still to come 7 news at 9:00. rare animal fight on camera. 2 giraffe in the crazy show down. what experts say is behind this. plus workers in one bay area city are going to get a
9:28 pm
small raise in the new year. why that could be a bad mav for the economy some believe. and in the year that was, 2012, we lost some of the best 2012, we lost some of the best and brightest among us. we
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> new year bridges new numbers on the paycheck thousands of san francisco workers. higher minimum wage kicks in tomorrow first day of the new year making san francisco wage the highest in the nation. >> this restaurant across the street from the at&t park parades itself on the salary paid to workers in the back of the house. the cook and dish washers. but a record hi minimum wage kicks in tomorrow.
9:32 pm
it's risen from 8.50 an hour in 20 04 to continue in 2012. tomorrow it jumps to continu continue.55. >> will it keep you from hirin hiring. >> yes. absolutely. we have to trim our staff down. go with less employees. like i just said we can't give as many raises as often as we want to because the money is not there. >>reporter: supporters say a higher minimum wage gives both workers and the economy a boost. it's been going up in san francisco since 2003 when voters passed a measure that automatically ties the minimum wage to inflation and the cost of living each year. >> san francisco is not losing business. businesses are not running away from us. we live in one of the most expensive counties probably in the country. we can afford this. this is, businesses can afford this and workers of deserve this. >>reporter: but a study found that minimum wage law like san
9:33 pm
francisco's hurt young less skilled people who are looking for jobs. bill herman is an economic professor at golden gate university. he says most economist agree. >> minimum wage increases it's like everything else. when prisons go up, people buy less of it. when the wage goes up, people hire fewer people of that particular category. >>reporter: but supporters say a decent wage is a san francisco value. if so it's a trend moving south. san jose voters just approved a hike from 8 positive 10 dollars an hour. that's expected to take place in march. in san francisco, of abc 7 news. also tomorrow no more digging through your glove box looking for the proof of i hope insurance if stopped by the police. new law allow drivers to show proof of insurance on the smart phone. starting tomorrow the police can handle that in most case. also plastic bag no longer available at most grocery stores and
9:34 pm
business that is sell packaged food in alameda county. stores will charge at least 10 cents for each paper or reusable bag but plastic bag for produce will be free. 51 other city in california including san jose, san francisco and san mateo already impose bans on plastic bags. >> another new state law require charter bus drivers and chaperone to check the i.d. o under age passengers if there is alcohol served on board. similar law already exists for limousine now will apply to buses. the party buses around prom time every year. >> well from whitney houston to dave to neal armstrong we lost a number of very notable people this year. here's a spotlight this year. here's a spotlight on who we will miss
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now to amazing video of animal fight. discovery channel video show 2 giraffe using the long neck as a weapon. paula far wrist now on what happens when giraffe attack. >> huge claw. sharp teeth and aggressive antler. all familiar weapons of the wild. but now in this rare video 2 unlikely fight remembers sticking their necks in the ring. that's right. giraffe. long tongue long limb praises fighter battling it out. watch as they jab the horn in each other swinging the 500 pound
9:42 pm
neck with such force. but toronto base predator expert says don't worry. >> it's a bit of a dance. male know exactly where to stand how to stand and what the rules ar are. >>reporter: proof that filming a gentle giant for discovery channel new series after africa when suddenly the subject revealed another side. >> people tend to think of giraffe as nice docile sweet animal. they generally are but they are designed for fighting. >>reporter: these 2 male are fighting over territory and likely a mate. but not to the death. >> smaller probably younger male will end up losing the fight. go away. get bigger and then he will get his chance next season. >>reporter: while we may expect fight from predator like the bear caught in a back yard brawl or this lyon lunging at the camera. just remember, a
9:43 pm
divingly cute face like this munching on leaves may getting ready for battle. this is abc news, new york. >> is it over? looks like they get a headache. giraffe to gorilla and one in particular in germany this keeper were concerned after the 12-year-old seemed home sick following his move there from denmark. so in an attempt to cheer him up they installed a tightrope for him to hang from. instead the gorilla climbed up and began walking on it instea instead. and now the silver back proving to be kind of a high wire hit. circus d'soleil may interested. >> this to share. aquarium worker in ukraine trained adolph to jump out of the water and crawl like this on his belly. trainer says the dolphins was minimum micking him after rewarding him with fish he does it all the time crawling along the side of the pool. well. entourage for hire whether to new year's eve party
9:44 pm
or some other special occasion now you can celebrate like a now you can celebrate like a celebrity. stay with us. 7íáf-
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>> okay it's fireworks weather. spencer is back to update the forecast this new years eve. >> definitely fireworks weather. this afternoon as we look by way of time lapse from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville clouds moving through the bay area sky but the sky mainly clear now look at live doppler 7hd moisture moved well to the south and good visibility for the fireworks viewing later tonight. tomorrow new year's day sunny sky cool mild conditions for the entire state of california. that includes bay area which is soyb and pleasantly cool on the first day of 2013 with high pressure mainly in the low to mid 50's and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have nice dry
9:48 pm
week running that the weekend. slight chance of showers & on sunday but not much of a wet weather system so basically the first week of 2013 will be a clear dry one. yes good viewing conditions tonight for the fireworks along the embarcadero here in san francisco. >> see that goes well for the year ahead. >> it does. bode well too. >> pl that too thanks very muc much. >> if you have ever wanted to fell like an a.list celebrity when you hit the town wish granted. nick watt on renting an entourage. paparrazi included to hang on the every word. >> that is what it was all b.why i moved here. but this is my reality. i wanted to show interest ran. how about this? well, at hand. i basically run
9:49 pm
a rent a crowd service. some tourist now pay nearly 9,000 dollars for a crowd. to follow them shopping. that gave us an idea. >> people to think she was the first lady of the. >> everybody pwoyt. >> do you know what the first lady of the philippines looks like? >> so i present 10ed to be the king of lichtenstein and shopping with my posse. people buy it. >> what do you think about thi this? >> the crowd. to scream my name. >> 10 or 15 people with camera. everybody else is going to crowd around. >> he nicholas i love you. >> nearly 5000 buck you get a gang of paparrazi and fake fans to meet you at the airport. >> we give even the ability to live like an a.list. >> 3000 dollars a crowd to follow you on a date.
9:50 pm
>> girl would be like wow! you must really be famous. >> celebrity use this bizarre service for career advancement. >> b.list celebrity who want a lot of attention when they are going mostly in beverly hills and hollywood i was contacted by their agent and publicist i was like seriously? >>reporter: give us a name. >> we are very discreet about our clients. >>reporter: now the crowd and shopping just felt weird. but i loved dinner afterwards. tell me how good looking i am. very own entourage. flatter and laugh at my dump joke. >> no you get out of town. [ laughing]. >>reporter: nick watt abc news los angeles. >> if if that is a scream. that is a funny. larry makes us do that. doesn't pay us we do that when he goes out. >> it's preferred. i hate to
9:51 pm
have to insist upon it but yes. >> not going to happen if you don't. >> you are right. thus it rarely happens. regular season ended yesterday. firing started today in the nfl. unlake some laugh. coaching unlake some laugh. coaching changes all over the league
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
come up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. late night at the nation capitol. vote is expected any minute now on fiscal cliff deal. we'll bring you the very latest from washington. >> plus the new state law on the books tomorrow. talk about some of them tonight but we look at one designed to better protect your social media account. those stories and more tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry hear and it was a pink slip day in the nfl wasn't it. >> a lot of thanks for the time, security will escort you out. unfortunately the new year will begin with a lot of teams looking for new coaches. kind of black monday carnage for 7 head coaches today. most of the moves pretty much expected this one was
9:55 pm
surprising. chicago bears parting way was love smichlt he led the fwirs superbowl in 2006 but the spwrairs only made the play offs in 3 of his nine years with the team. some was rebuilding so understood but they started the season this year 7 and 1. finished 10 and 6 and missed the play off. that was fatal. after 14 years with the eagle andy reid fired today. no surprise. winnin winningest coach in team history. once led them to 4 straight title games superbowl in 04 but things fell apart this year. they decided it's time for a change. norm turner has been on the hot seat for so long fans made up t-shirt i'm nervous they fired norm. much better coordinator than head coach. remember he was with the raiders for awhile as head coach. san diego has made the play offs since 0then. turner and gm smith really the culprit there were both let go other head coaches fired arizona getting rid of ken and buffalo dumped chan and kansas city
9:56 pm
fired romeo after 2 and 14 season. raiders announce they have let go 4 of the assistant coaches including offensive coordinator naacp. he switched the raid investigators zone blocking scheme. that failed miserably. unable to unleash running back mcfadden who had over 700 yards and 2 touch downs this season. also let go by the raiders. these coaches here. >> there's a lot of decision that is go into being head football coach and a lot of things that you are in charge of and accountable to and also learn that there's a lot of tough decision that is you have to make. you have to make the decision that is you think are best for the football team. this is a business. we have got to make business decisions. >> he's going to be on the clock starting now for next season no doubt about that. running back jacobs will not return to the 49ers for play offs. he was suspended for 3 games for conduct detrimental to the team. upset about lack of playing time then tweeted
9:57 pm
about it now he's gone. niners will use the first round by to figure out some remedy for the kicker david acre made the pro bowl last year this year 30 in the league and 2 more field goal yesterday. niners bring if some kickers for try outs because if you are in a play off game and comes down to acre foot and making clutch kick that could be trouble. >> still our kicker and we'll evaluate is the best plan for moving forward in our next game. he's done a lot of great things for us. made a lot of great kicks. he knows it. we know it. the kick if the game you have to make the kicks. >>reporter: nice way to spwt new year for the st. mary's basketball team. trail harbor for 39 minutes and 58.9 second seconds. and then won in the final second. nightmare night here. one of 13 from the fiel field. scored 4 points. st. mary shot 23 percent in the first half. found themselves
9:58 pm
down 18. to harvard. freshman chambers. lack at my sat scores and i can shoot. 5 for 5 from deep. 16 points for gale. a run late and team high 16. within 1. 5 seconds to go. this is a tough shot. off balance. l young fouled on the rebound with 1.1 second left. makes both free throw. is first lady of the night. desperation he have from harvard an 70-69 the final. st. mary's. improve to 11 and 3 open the year. this may the golden gauge of stanford football. cardinal making third straight bowl game appearance face wisconsin tomorrow in the rose bowl. new year's day featuring 2 of the best running back in the country. ball and taylor normally coaches don't want the opposition to know about the game plan but shaw is not afraid to share his. >> we will run the ball. run the ball between the tackle that's just what we do. we
9:59 pm
have some things off that that we do but that's our bread and butter who we my doesn't change how we play. that's what you are going to see from us. that's what you are going to see in wisconsin also. >> abc 7 sports anchor mike is in pasadena and will cover the rose bell for us. report air tomorrow here on abc 7. i don't think he will get if the game. usc facing georgia tech in the bowl. run the triple option. washington finds smith 17 yards for the score. 21-7 georgia tech. quarterback barkley not mostly clear to play because of his injury. that in the send zone. started ranked no. 1 in the nation ended with a 21-7 loss and 7 and 6 record. chick-fil-a bowl battle of tigers. lsu and clemson. 3 minutes left. clemson down 8. second touch down pass of the night to


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